Contact Details – Associate Secretaries

The following members are Liaison Officers for the countries listed. If you are planning travel to or from Australia, they are your contact point for information and assistance. Travel Information Forms need to be completed and sent to your Regional Secretary, they will complete the Official Section and then forwarded it to the member associated with that country. Please provide feedback to the Associate Secretary upon your return.


The following members are Liaison Officers for the countries listed.

If you are requiring assistance regarding countries listed below and are unable to make contact with the associate secretary for that country, you should direct your queries relating to travel to the Travel Secretary – Email:  Email Address


Visitors/Members must find and book their own accommodation.

Travel Form you can fill in the online travel form in TRAVEL FORMS page.

Travel inquiries for the following countries should be directed to the Associate Secretary listed:

Group 1

The United Kingdom, Ireland.
Nathan (& Traci) Blain               Email:  Email Address

Group 2

USA ,Canada,Argentina,Brazil,Colombia,Peru, (IPA Section Mexico has be expelled 20/09/2018).
Joshua Woon                                 Email:  Email Address

Group 3

Julie Cochrane                            Email:  Email Address

Group 4

Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg.
Klaus Hempfing                          Email:  Email Address

Group 5

Turkey, Israel, Slovenia, Serbia, Italy, MaltaSan Marino, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Cyprus, Greece, Croatia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia               
Ray Strong                                   Email:  Email Address

Group 6

New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Mozambique, South Africa, (Botswana – has been suspended), The Kingdom of eSatini (Swaziland), Lesotho, Kenya.
Patrick Tsang                               Email:  Email Address

Group 7

Armenia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Slovakia, Romania, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary.            
Andre Gontcharov                       Email:  Email Address

Group 8

Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania.
Brian Hansen                               Email:  Email Address


Should you have difficulty contacting the above members, please advise the Travel Secretary -Email:  Email Address  or Secretary-General by email as listed on the National Officers page.
NOTE: If you are seeking travel information including:
you are required to complete a Travel Information Form (see link above). You can find further information on each IPA Section (country) at this link –
Another very useful site for IPA Houses / Accommodation around the world is –

Liaison Officers – INTERNATIONAL

Member Permanent Executive Bureau – International Professional Commission – (Temp) Manfred (Fred)
Executive Director of the Dodd Memorial Award – Jason Brewer (Vice President)
Liaison Officer – International Professional Commission – Geoff Rodda (President)
Liaison Officer – International Internal Commission – Geoff Rodda (President)
Liaison Officer – International Cultural Commission – Geoff Rodda (President)
Liaison Officer – International Social Commission – Jason Brewer (Vice President)


Webmaster – Jason Brewer
Hobbies Bureau Secretary – TBA
Travel Secretary – Andrew Smith
National Editor – Allan Voak