Please Read This BEFORE Attempting To Logon ↓↓↓

NO!!!! Seriously – Please Read This BEFORE Attempting To Logon ↓↓↓

Username and password requirements have changed. Initially when you joined and when the Database commenced, you were given a Username and Password.  These still apply BUT only to your personal Database Record where you manage the upkeep of current details e.g. Home and Mailing Address, Telephone Numbers, Email Address changes, work place details etc.

LOGGING ON TO THE NEW WEBSITE SECURITY is totally separate. Before you try to login, you must register and the security system will send you a password. Below you will see two login links for Members. The first is for initial Registration and subsequent logins to the Website.  The second option will take you to your Database Record.

Password Reset – Once you have registered the website will generate a password and send you a password reset email. You may keep this password or create your own. If selecting a new password enter the password (preferably using a combination of UPPER and lower case letters, numbers and symbol to keep it as secure as possible) and then select Reset Password.

If you try to register and for some reason the system does not recognize your credentials please contact the webmaster. An account will be created for you.


OPTION 1 – To log in for the Website news bulletins or Region pages please click here to loginClick Here
OPTION 2 – To register for the Website news bulletins or Region pages please register here to loginClick Here
OPTION 3 – To update personal contact details or view invoices history on Members Database,Click Here

Editors & Reporters

Add news bulletins, articles or update pages you can login via the sidebar or,Click Here

Treasurers & Administrators

To manage member details or invoices, send emails or read reports,Click Here