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Since 2009 the New South Wales Region has been organising tours for its members, their families and other police employees to many parts of the world.  Originally, the tours were to the United States to take an active part in Police Week, which takes place in Washington DC each May and those members who are serving police officers were given the great privilege of being part of the uniformed Honour Guard at the commemoration service and wreath-laying.

London Tower Bridge
London Tower Bridge – click to enlarge

Since then, we have received many requests from those who have taken part in the tours and other interested members, to widen the scope of our tours.  Taking on board the feedback from members, we branched out and have now been to some wonderful places around the world and given our members some lifelong memories to bring home.

Flying with top airlines such as Emirates, Qantas, Etihad and United, we have covered several European countries – meeting with other serving police officers in many cities.  While the places we have visited are  too many to list they include Egypt, South Africa ( including Kruger National Game Reserve), Russia, Austria, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Greece, the USA, Alaska, Switzerland, Italy and all over the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland  – just to name a few !!

With the support of the current Australian National Executive,  the NSW Executive has now been given the opportunity to extend our tours on a national basis and we are pleased to do so.

Remember – if you want to go on one of our tours, it is imperative that you apply as soon as the details are available – otherwise it will be too late!

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If you would like to register your interest or need any further information, please contact our international tour coordinator via email at:

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