Important Information for International IPA Members

To have great experience in our country (Downunder) all IPA members coming here MUST be aware of the following:
All travel requests/inquiries must be sent to  Australian Travel Secretary who will forward the inquiry to the relevant Reception Officer in Australia.
Please give as much notice as possible, the minimum accepted is:

Group travel:       At least 3 months’ notice
Individual travel: At least 1 month’s notice.

Proof of IPA membership must be provided (scanned copy of membership card/email from Section).
The International Travel Form from your country MUST be used and submitted within the timelines.
Please see additional information below regarding timelines, Download the IPA Travel information by clicking here.


Visitors should consult tourist information for general advice:

 Click here **Tourism Australia**  

Gold Coast House Information

Melbourne House Information


 Visitors must find and book their own accommodation.
The IPA Australia Section will not deal with inquiries relating to student accommodation and employment opportunities.
Please do not ask for tickets for football matches, shows, tourist attractions.  These cannot be obtained on the members’ behalf.

For security reasons, if you wish for a visit to an operational police station, please make sure you have your current issued police identification and your current I PA card with you.
Ride-alongs may be possible in Australian Police Forces – subject to availability. When current security and operational demands, members arriving unannounced at operational stations are turned away on the instruction of Officer In Charge (OIC). Please member the IPA has no control over this and cannot and will not assist members affected

To gain access the International Police Association website, not the IPA Australia Section website click here

You can view all the IPA News from around the world, IPA Magazines from around the world. See whats available around the world with IPA e.g. all International Events, all Sections and their official contact details. You will be able to find all the information you could wish for from IPA house to events and much, much more…..