Information for New Members

On behalf of the President and Executive of the Australian Section of the International Police Association, a warm welcome is extended to you.

You have taken the first step to discover international friendship by joining the International Police Association.

But What Happens Next?

Well, that’s very much a matter up to you. The I.P.A. is, to a great extent, a ‘participation organisation’. That is to say, the more you put in the more you get out.

Unfortunately, if you go nowhere, meet no-one and do nothing, then apart from receiving your magazine “Police Down Under”, you won’t reap the rewards of being a member of the wonderful world of I.P.A., however, with a little effort, your circle of friends will grow both at home and overseas and hopefully a new world of international friendship will be open to you.

The I.P.A. isn’t simply ‘another travel club’ for police officers, far from it. The IPA offers national and international friendship and co-operation. There is a hobby section, pen friend corner, and assistance for member’s children and grandchildren to travel overseas to International Youth Gatherings, the opportunity for serving police officer members to apply for a scholarship to study overseas, local social functions, and much more.

The paper briefly explains some of the benefits available to you as a member. The one thing it cannot explain is the sense of belonging to an international family. You will find that out for yourself.

We hope you enjoy it!

The motto of the Association is “Servo Per Amikeco” which is in Esperanto and means “Service Through Friendship”.

The Aims and Objectives of the Association are:

To link together in a sense of service and friendship, all serving and retired members of the Police Service in member countries.

To encourage and stimulate a study of police practices and the maintenance of law and order between members of the Police Service in all member countries through social, cultural and sporting activities.

To arrange economical exchange holiday schemes, pen friendships and group visits.

Note: This also enables police officers who have resigned in good stead to join.


Structure Of The Australia Section

The Australian Section is controlled by the National Executive Council, on which all Regions are represented. The National Executive Board has the power to act on behalf of the Section in any matter which in their opinion requires immediate attention. Any such matters are brought to the attention of the next meeting of the Council.

For administrative purposes the Australian Section is divided into seven Regions as follows:

  1. Queensland
  2. New South Wales
  3. A.C.T.
  4. Victoria
  5. South Australia
  6. Western Australia
  7. Tasmania

These Regions are further divided into Sub-Regions and Branches as the need arises. You may have nominated your choice of Region (usually based on where you live or work) when you joined.

You may join any Region of the I.P.A. and can change your Region at any time during your membership, for example – when you move to another area.

Your Region not only provides local activities but should also be your first point of contact if you have any questions regarding your membership or of the facilities available to you as a member.


Membership Card

As a new member, you will shortly receive your digital membership card. This is an International Card, which is recognised by all member countries. You may be requested to produce it as proof of your membership, especially when overseas if asking for any kind of assistance. A reminder that your card is proof of membership and you may be required to also present other identification to prove your identity.

Unfortunately, in the past, individuals have claimed to be IPA members when in fact, they were not and, as a result, facilities have been abused. For this and other obvious reasons, under no circumstances should you allow your membership card to be used by another person. Such practice could lead to the termination of membership.

Renewal subscriptions are DUE BEFORE THE 31ST of December for the following year. Upon payment, you will receive a current year Membership, Digital Card.


Web Site

The Web Site address is This is your link to your Region, National and International IPA information. Information on the site is generated from Regions and, members are encouraged to provide input as to what you would like to see on the site. Your comments or suggestions are welcome.

Username and password requirements have changed. Initially when you joined and when the Database commenced, you were given a Username and Password.  These still apply BUT only to your personal Database Record where you manage the upkeep of current details e.g. Home and Mailing Address, Telephone Numbers, Email Address changes, workplace details etc.

LOGGING ON TO THE NEW WEBSITE SECURITY is totally separate. Before you try to log in, you must register and the security system will send you a password. Click links for Members. The first is for initial Registration and subsequent logins to the Website.  The second option will take you to your Database Record.

  • This is the link for members to access their information via a SECURE website: Members Link 

Password Reset – Once you have registered the website will generate a password and send you a password reset email. You may keep this password or create your own. If selecting a new password to enter the password (preferably using a combination of UPPER and lower case letters, numbers and symbol to keep it as secure as possible) and then select Reset Password.

If you try to register and for some reason the system does not recognize your credentials please contact the webmaster. An account will be created for you.


The Australia IPA Magazine “Police Down Under”

The principal magazine of the Association is “Police Down Under”. This publication is printed bi-monthly and distributed by direct mailing to members of the Australian Section.

The magazine serves a number of purposes. It is the vehicle by which members are advised of important issues, decisions and policy changes which can be conveyed to all members. Regions, Sub-Regions and Branches also use it as a means of keeping members informed as to what is happening in IPA overall. We endeavour to provide interesting police-related articles for members and you are encouraged to submit articles to the National Editor for consideration of publication.

The International Police Association – Australia Section; would like to express its gratitude and support, especially to Border Publications and their staff as well to all Police Forces/Service/Police Union throughout Australia.

 Current PDU Click here

Travel Form

From time to time during your membership, you may require some kind of assistance either interstate or overseas. It may be simply a desire to meet IPA members or to seek advice on accommodation, sightseeing etc.

By International Agreement, all requests for assistance must be submitted using an ‘International Travel Information Form’. These forms appear in the national magazine, on the Web Site or, can be obtained from your Regional Executive. To assist members, there is also a form ‘Notes for Guidance’ provided to make the completion of the Travel Form easier and to ensure correct submission through the appropriate channels.

The online version is the most current and updated form. Complete it online and it is automatically sent to the relevant member who will assist you.

For individuals including family groups, the form must be submitted at least six weeks prior to the date of travel. For groups, the notice required is three months. The more notice you give the more there is that something can be arranged for you.


Hobbies Bureau

It is generally recognised internationally that members of the IPA should not make a direct approach to another National Section with requests for contacts and indeed some will not even respond to such requests.

Within the Australian Section, the Hobbies Bureau Secretary exists to provide the official channel for members of overseas Sections who wish to make contact with members of our Section or for members of our Section who wish to contact overseas Section members, be it for penfriends or hobbies purposes. Contact details for the Hobbies Bureau Secretary can be found on the Web Site or in the Magazine.


IPA Houses

Many of the member countries of IPA operate IPA houses for the use of members at very reasonable rates. They are very popular and advance booking is advised. Details of houses and persons to contact are available through a link available on the Web Site or through members of the National Executive Board.

IPA Souvenirs

Some Regions have IPA souvenir items available for purchase. A selection of items appears occasionally in the National Magazine and also on the Web Site.

Ray Dodd Memorial Award

The Australian Section conducts the Ray Dodd Memorial Award which is open to children and grandchildren of financial members of the Australian Section. Members are able to submit applications for children who will be aged sixteen (16) or seventeen (17) years at the time the International Youth Gathering is held. Financial assistance is given to the successful applicant to attend the International Police Association Youth Gathering which is held in a different Section (Country) each year.


Arthur Troop Scholarship Award

In order to support professional education and to complement advanced training, ten ‘Arthur Troop Scholarships’ may be awarded annually by the Permanent Executive Bureau, preferably including at least one from each continent. Each Scholarship shall consist of a bursary of not more than 2,500 Euro, that is to be used for a seminar at the International Conference Centre ‘IBZ Schloss Gimborn’, or a comparable institution, and shall include travel expenses.

The Scholarship shall be awarded to IPA members in police service but is predominantly targeted at the younger, lower-ranking member, who is not generally in the position to avail of police service funded courses. The applicant must have been a member of the IPA for at least one year.


Your Region, Sub-Region or Branch Committee will contact you in due course. Should you require any further information on the above areas or any other area of IPA, you should contact your local executive.

Welcome to the IPA Australia Section 

In Friendship,

Jason Brewer
National President,
Australia Section