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Information for travellers 


Dear all,

On behalf of IPA France, please see below an update regarding some last-minute availability for their IPA house near the centre of Paris.

Full information on this property can be found on page 28 of the IPA Hosting Book (link: IPA-Hosting-Book-June-2018)

These are the dates of availability for the apartment (sleeping 4 persons) for the IPA FRANCE house “Pierre Barbaud”.

  • From August 7th to 17th inclusive (apartment 4 persons)
  • From August 22nd to September 4th inclusive (apartment 4 persons)
  • From 6th to 19th of September inclusive (apartment 4 persons)
  • From September 22 to 30 inclusive (apartment for 4 persons)

If you want to book this apartment, please contact ipahouse.france@ipafrance.org

Kind Regards,

Sébastien PROVOST
Secrétaire Général National Adjoint
Secrétariat National IPA FRANCE

United Kingdom

All National Sections,
An announcement for all IPA Members planning to visit London from Section UK:
Section UK request that all IPA members visiting London that would like a tour of Metropolitan Police’s New Scotland Yard, must complete an International Travel Form in advance to allow time to try and arrange a visit with a guide. Increasing numbers of IPA members are turning up at New Scotland Yard unannounced and requesting a tour. This is creating an unwelcome demand on resources and they must be prepared to be turned away.
Section UK will endeavour to assist all members who submit their request through the proper channels.

Kind Regards