* Postage extra

ItemDescriptionPriceSize (mm)
Queensland Police Badge PlaqueQueensland Police Badge Plaque($45 for 5 or more contact Lorenzo for postage cost)(Click image to enlarge)$47 plus postage180mm x 145mm (approx)
 Water Police Shoulder PatchQPS Water Police Shoulder Patch(Click image to enlarge)$3 each
$13 for 5
$24 for 10
$35 for 15
80mm x80mm
 IPA Australia Lapel PinIPA Australia Lapel Pin (Green)
(Click image to enlarge)
$4 each
$18 for 5
$35 for 10
$50 for 15
 Australia Map Jigsaw
IPA Map of Australia Jigsaw Set(Click image to enlarge)
$15 each
$25 for 2
$40 for 3
$65 for 5
90mm x60mm
 IPA Australia LanyardIPA Australia Lanyard
(Click image to enlarge)
$3 eachStandard lanyard size
 QldPol Plaque Badge Replica Queensland Police Badge (for featuring on Plaques etc. – has 2 pins on the back)
(Click image to enlarge)
 $30 each 60mm wide x 80mm high