Serving Police Officer’s Day Program

The International Police Association ‘Serving Police Officer’s Day’ (SPOD) was introduced in 2006 by NSW Region as part of the National AGM weekend in order to further enhance the weekend’s events by adding a professional element.

The SPOD is hosted by the policing jurisdiction where the National AGM weekend is being held with the hosting coordinator determining the program for the day.  The New Zealand Section of the I.P.A. has also been invited to participate in this initiative as they send a representative to our National AGM. All members are expected to attend in uniform.

The SPOD Program was introduced to encourage the attendance and participation of serving policing officers who are I.P.A. members and who do not hold a National or Regional executive position within the I.P.A., at the National AGM weekend.


AWARD COMMITTEE Each Region and New Zealand Section has sole carriage of the selection process utilised.  Regions are encouraged to utilise the promotional opportunity the event holds.

OBJECTIVE To provide a forum for serving members for the exchange of professional experience in accordance with the aims of the I.P.A. Attendance at the National AGM weekend exposes members to the functioning of I.P.A. Australia at a national executive level.  Regions are encouraged to sponsor the attendance of a serving officer from their Region.

NOMINATIONS & ADVERTISING The Australian Section will sponsor the selected SPOD representative from the Region who is hosting the following year’s National AGM weekend. In conjunction with the New Zealand Section, a New Zealand Section serving officer will be sponsored to attend the Serving Police Officer’s Day and entire National AGM weekend.  The SPOD will be advertised within the National AGM Program in the National magazine and the I.P.A. Australia website.


CRITERIA FOR AWARD All participants must be financial Australian Section members and serving police officers. The New Zealand representative will be a matter for the NZ Section to determine e.g.serving officer.

PUBLICITY   An official group photograph will be taken of the members in attendance which may be published in the national magazine, online and other means the Executive Director determines appropriate. The nationally sponsored member is to produce a written article of the event for submission to the Executive Director for consideration of publishing.

AWARD PRIZE Sponsorship to attend the SPOD and the National AGM weekend. The financial responsibilities for the award are as outlined under the Financial Control heading.

FINANCIAL CONTROL The National Treasurer will meet the accommodation cost (three nights) of the sponsored member from the Region who is hosting the following year’s National AGM weekend.

The Australian Section will meet the ‘on ground’ expenses in Australia of the NZ sponsored member with the New Zealand Section meeting the member’s travel expenses.  On ground expenses include –

  • Transportation to and from airport (by hosting Region),
  • Accommodation for three nights including breakfast each day, dinner on Saturday night if included in the weekend events calendar.
  • Lunch Friday during the SPOD (hosting Region)

The Nationally sponsored member will share the hotel (accommodation) room with the sponsored member of New Zealand Section when they are of the same gender.  Alternative room sharing options will be considered when the genders differ. The Regions who sponsor the attendance of a member will determine the level of financial support offered individually.

If on occasions that the members spouse or partner is attending with them consideration will be taking NEB this will be done, case by case.

It is recommended that the sponsored member be in addition to the Observer supported to attend by the Region.